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I am a technical leader who excels at bridging the technology gaps between key stakeholders, developers and end users. My 14 years of professional experience in the digital marketing space allows me to expertly architect, manage and build enterprise-level digital projects efficiently and with maximum ROI in mind. As an expert front-end developer, I excel as both as a developer and a leader, always bringing inspiring positivity to a project. Currently, I am Solution Architect helping Contentful customers identify the needs of large enterprise projects and provide technical guidance to help customer teams arrive at the best possible solutions.

Growing up in a family of teachers, I developed a passion for learning early in life. The ever-changing and fast-paced world of technology and development has provided plenty of challenges and opportunities to fuel that desire on a daily basis.

With background in graphic design, web development, and journalism, this unique experience allows me to find the perfect balance between design and development. I gained years of experience and expertise by spending over half a decade at an advertising agency as the solo web developer and created 100s of TV commercials annually. Looking to improve my coding skills, I shifted to working at digital agency that specialized in Drupal development where I constructed solutions and led development teams on 20+ enterprise web projects. I worked jointly with client teams, account managers and designers as well as mentored other development team members to hone in communication skills.

I enjoy exploring our vast world through travel, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. In my free time you can find me outdoors and recently have been checking of Colorado 14er summits.


  • Front-End Development Best Practices
  • HTML5
  • CSS / SASS
  • Javascipt
  • CMS Implementation
  • WCAG 2.1
  • GraphQL
  • React / Vue / Angular
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • APIs
  • CDNs
  • Video Editing
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Advanced
  • Experienced
  • Familer